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2 spots left in $200 Yahoo 5x5 roto with QS

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If interested post here and I can email you the invite to check out the league

10 people in right now with 2 spots left and maybe more depending on how many fail to pay. Competitive and active league. Draft date as of now is Wed March 19 at 8 PM eastern.

The league is pretty active and engaged, if you struggle to keep up with your lineups and trade offers then you may not enjoy your experience. Trying to emphasize this so that we can avoid deadbeat owners.

The rules are-

-12 team 5x5 roto league with standard categories EXCEPT quality starts replaces wins

-Will use LEAGUESAFE.COM for payouts

-100% payout with the following structure

1st place- 1300

2nd place- 600

3rd place- 300

4th place- 100

First place at all star break-100

-Rosters-C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI,CI, 4 OF, 9 P slots, 4 bench, 3 DL

-1400 IP max

-162 game max for each position

-No limit on transactions, daily moves. Players go on waivers when dropped and we use FAAB for waiver acquisitions. So when a guy is dropped he is put on waivers and the highest FAAB bidder gets him, or if no one bids then he becomes a free agent.

-Trade review is set to COMMISSIONER. This is an important rule to note as many people prefer having the veto system. In this league, all trades will go through unless there is suspected collusion or it becomes obvious that someone is giving away players or intentionally trying to sabotage the league. Basically the point is you cannot veto trades based on you feeling one team is getting a better end of the deal. Trades are not always done in a vacuum and its all about the categories, when you start to put every trade under the microscope of fair and not fair it becomes tedious and ends up becoming a "veto everything that can help my competition get better". I understand this can be a sticking point for some, and I acknowledge the drawbacks of both formats of trades, but in my experience this is by far the lesser of two evils. If you strongly prefer a veto system that is fine, and you will be better off in a different league.

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