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New 12 Team "Franchise Dynasty League" forming...

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- will be run through ESPN (sign-up is easy, and free)

- online live snake draft will be Fri 3/21 8pm ET; order set randomly by ESPN 1hr before draft

- 12 teams, 3 Div of 4...3 Div Winners and best 2nd place team make playoffs

- Prizes: Each Div Winner gets $50, best 2nd place team $30...League Champion gets $120 and the Runner-Up gets $60

- 6x6 Rotto vs 1 other team each week; each category worth 1 win

- Hitting: HR-RBI-R-SB-AVG-OBP..Pitching: W-S-ERA-WHIP-K-H (holds)

- Before the actual draft, we will have a quick/random "franchise draft", where each owner will select his/her MLB franchise for the season(s)

- How this "franchise semi-keeper" format works: Each owner will draft a MLB franchise, and at the end of each season he may keep/protect up to 3 players currently on his/her roster, but only players from that MLB team. Example: Team A drafts the Minn the end of any season Team A may elect to keep/protect any 3 Twins players currently on their roster for the next season. If you do keep 3, they are your Rounds 1-3 draft picks for next year (you wouldn't pick until Rd 4), if you keep 2 you'd start your next draft in Rd 3, and obv. if you keep only 1 player your next draft would start in Rd 2. You may elect to keep none, and draft starting in Rd 1. At the end of each season any owner, in reverse order of the previous season's standings, may drop his MLB franchise and select any available MLB franchise (but would only be allowed to keep players on his/her roster from that new MLB team just selected).

- you may keep your MLB franchise for as long as you wish

- Keep in mind, let's say Team A drafts Mike Trout...and Team G has selected the LAA as his/her MLB franchise. At the end of the year Trout would go back into the "draft pool"; only Team G could have protected Trout, had they had him on their roster. But Team G could protect any LAA players currently on their roster (up to a max of 3)

- if interested email me at ...and i'll send you the ESPN Invite AND the League Safe Invite (teams must be paid for by Mar 14th)...Hope to hear from you!

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