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Sky E

Need 1 Owner-12 team Keeper League-H2H-6th Season

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We need one replacement owner for the Yankees.

6th Season

12 Teams

6 Keepers (3 from the MLB team you represent, and 3 from any team)

Snake Draft


Each team is a MLB reresentative, where you carry the major league teams name, and have a minimum of 3 players from that MLB team on your roster. 3 keepers, and maintaing a 3 min during the season.

Owners can change teams, as long as they have 3 from the team they are changing to and no one else already represensts that team.

The team needing a owner is the Yankees. A Yankee fan who wants to stick with the Yankees would be fine, as would a owner who wants to change to another team.


This league has been around for years, and will to continue for years to come. Even if you have to rebuild the team a bit, it will be worth it as this is great league. It's free, but the owners are very active and the competition is intense.

If you want in, email me at and let me know why we should add you.

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