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12 team ESPN pts league 2 replacements, 10 team roto, and gathering interest in 16 or 20 team dynasty offline league

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Hey all,

Last year this was my most active league and this year we are implementing a farm system which will be randomized and offline. Will be starting as soon as we r full. We keep 7, then bump up keeps by three each year till we get to keep em all. No crazy settings. The regular draft might be offline as well.

Team one has

Freddie Freeman

Yadier Molina

Felix Hernandez

Adam wainwright

Craig Kimbrel

Elvis Andrus

And either Dom Brown or Zach Wheeler

Team two has

Mat Latos

Joey Votto

Hanley Ramirez

Aroldis Chapman

Ryan Zimmerman

And two of these

Alex Gordon

Hunter Pence

Kenley Janseen

The ten team Roto league is implementing a farm system as well that is startin when full. There are six owners and we need 4 more. Standard 5x5 7 or 8 keepers next year and we all chose one keeper from our teams from last year. Open teams all have a top 10 player as their keeper. Order will be done by Espn rankings. Email me or pm me and I'll tell u who is available as the one keeper going into the draft.

Also have 8 guys who r interested in starting a 16 or 20 team dynasty league. If you're interested in that then email me

Please contact me @ and I'll get u more settings invite and everything.

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I would be in for team one. I won my first fantasy baseball league last year (not a sluff).

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