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Free Dynasty League

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I run a 10 team dynasty league on yahoo. its a roto league 8x5 extra hitting cats are singles doubles triples anyway keepers were due yesterday for a live draft on Monday the 10th at 9:15pm EST and the new owner didn't set them, so its not starting out on the right foot imo. so the team is available to a good owner. it is very active and lots of trading. this team has the second pick in the draft. roster sizes are huge set at 29 2 na spots and 2 dl spots. the way our draft works is you get a pick for every player under the 29 you keep i.e. you keep 29 you get zero picks you keep 25 you get 4 picks etc you get the picture.....anyway here is some of the roster



Brandon belt

melky Cabrera

ian desmond

adam eaton

alcides escobar

Adrian gonzalez

alex Gordon


curt granderson

josh Hamilton

des Jennings

nate mcclouth

yadi Molina

mike morse

martin prado

trevor cahill

aj griffin

ian kennedy



jon paps


dave Robertson

and some other sp's

anyway what do you think? team has a decent back bone as far as hitting but the pitching could use some help, in a ten teamer there are plenty of streamers if you can beat one of the hawks. teams are locked currently for keeper approval so I would need your keeps as soon as possible on the message board so I can change and approve them on the website. this is yahoo ran. some of the available players baez Bryant buxton matt moore Russell any of the new availabale players so at pick two you should get a good one. appreciate you taking the time to read this and questions just ask. thanks

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Any of these lookers care to leave feed back on what would make them say yeah what the hay I'll take it and I'll draft Baez or Bryant or abreu or Buxton with my number two pick.

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