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2 spots left -- $100 Inaugural Double League 5x5 -- Snake and Auction

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NFBC-inspired league. Two leagues, same owners. N.b. double catcher, saves+holds, weekly lineups, weekly FAAB, slow snake draft, live auction. Fun to draft and trade in two leagues with same owners, slightly less day-to-day tinkering required. Money held via leaguesafe.


View full Constitution here:

Leagues here:

Preamble and Object:

In a twist on the auction vs. snake-draft debate, this is a twin league featuring the same 12-15 owners. Owners will draft and command a team in each of two leagues – one drafted in snake fashion, one acquired in auction. The two leagues will operate separately but with the same functional rules. Each league will feature weekly lineups of 23 active players (14 batters, 9 pitchers), plus a reserve bench of 4 players. Each league will feature 5x5 Roto scoring, with the modification of the Saves category into a Saves+Holds category.

There will be a $100 total buy-in. Prize money will be split evenly between the two leagues, with the top three teams receiving payouts. Money will change hands via Leaguesafe.

Key Dates

Snake draft, slow draft begins Tuesday March 11, 2014 (via Couchmanagers)

Live auction occurs on Sunday March 30, 2014 (about 1pm EST) (via ESPN)

Info about Slow Snake Draft

The snake draft will be hosted at I expect we will complete about two rounds per day. I will set six hours per pick, and I will turn off the clock from 12am to 6am (EST) each night. You can choose to be alerted of every pick, or only when it is your turn to pick. You always have the option to choose manually, but you also have the option to create a queue and automate a mere one or two picks, after which it reverts to manual selection. This is a nice feature. It's nice if you are drafting in front of me; I can put in my top two choices, choose "Q1," and as soon as you pick, it makes my pick and goes on to the person after me. Same idea, too, if I'm on the turn, I can put in my top three choices and put "Q2." Or I am welcome to wait and make my selections manually. I have used the site many times and, although it is not glitzy, it is highly user-friendly and perfectly functional.

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We have 12 owners, would like to get to 15. Will keep the league open until Tuesday, then we will proceed with what we have. Jump in before it's too late!

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