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Managers needed

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I am looking for managers for a first year 4 sports keeper league. The league is a 16 manager head to head(one win) league with 4 divisions. The winner of each division gets into the playoffs plus the next 4 best records.

Year one of the league will be an auction style league so every manager has a chance at whatever player they want to draft. Every season after that will be a normal snaked draft based on previous seasons standings.

Roster are as follows, C, 1b, 2b, 3b, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, 5 SP, 2 RP, 2 P and 7 bench spots. The Stat categories are Runs, Hits, RBI's, HR, SB and OBP + Wins, Saves, ERA, WHIP, K's and QS.

Keepers yet to be decided for the amount and considering adding 2 NA spots for rookies. The other sports settings are pretty much basic settings with a small tweak in hockey to the offense settings. Football will be a PPR league and 6 points awarded to a QB and everything else pretty basic. Basketball will be the basic 9 stat category league.

Also looking for one manager for a 3rd year keeper league, auction format every year. This is also a 16 manager league with 4 divisions and its for baseball only.

If you are interested in either league, please email me at

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