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10 Team NL Only League

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We're looking for 1 very knowledgable and competitive owner to fill out our 10 team NL only league. This is a big time keeper league that's run through CBS. Our auction will take place on Sunday, March 16th. Our active roster consists of 23 active players ($260 cap [only for auction] and up to 15 keepers) and an 18 player reserve roster (you can keep up to 18 minor leaguers this off-season, due to rule change, you'll be able to keep up to 12 minor leaguers for the 2015 season).

League entry fee is $100 and we use a weekly blind bidding system (faab) to pickup free agents throughout the season. If you spend all of your $1000 faab dollars, it will cost you an additional $100 (faab dollars are .10 cents to the $1). It also cost $1 per player to trade and $1 to activate a player from your reserves. Most owners end up spending between $175-$300 on the season. It all depends on how active you are.

We also run a 10 team AL only league. We're in search for 2 good owners for that league. All 8 owners that make up the AL league are also in the NL league. Please let me know if you're interested in either league and I'll be happy to send you the rosters that are available and detailed league rules. You can contact me at



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