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I've been running a league out of NYC for 15+ years. We have a couple of openings for this season. Grab a buddy if you want to split the cost of our league.

Our auction is set for Friday March 28th 6pm. Weekly moves.

Our league is non keeper, mixed (AL and NL), 6x6, offensive categories are Hits, Batting Average, Homeruns, RBI's, Runs and Stolen Bases, thePitching categories are Wins, Wins-Losses differential (get pitchers with winning records) ERA, WHIP, Strikeouts and Saves.

Our league has 18 teams at $1000 per team. You have $260 to spend, at the auction, on a total of 27 players. C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, an extra Infielder (can be Catcher too) 4 outfielders, and 3 utility hitters. 9 pitchers (must meet a minimum of 1250 innings pitched for the season) and 5 reserve players.

We use CBSsports as our website.

Most of us are in our 40's and 50's. We're not interested in the young hot heads who light up the message board with stupidity year in and year out.

Our league doesn't have roto sharks, we just like playing for stakes that justifies the time we put into this hobby we all enjoy so much.

The auction is live so you must attend in person, meet the other league members.

We rent out a banquet room of a restaurant, we have a hot buffet and we hire an auctioneer with an assistant to boot just to keep the auction moving smoothly.

The banquet room has free wifi.

The top four teams finish in the money.

If you're interested in learning more you can email me at

Once you email me I will forward you my cell number.

This is not a scam. I encourage all prospective new comers to meet me at my home in advance of the auction.

Good luck this season.

Ed Kelly

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