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Help Set My Lineup for the Finals

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Here is my current roster

QB - Saints QB, Bucs QB

RB (can only have 3) - Addai, MJD, Selvin Young

WR (can only have 3) - TJ Houz, Engram, Galloway

OP - Witten

D/ST - Bucs, Eagles

I've made the finals, but have a feeling that Addai and MJD are going to be worthless on Sunday. Same for Galloway and Engram. Who should I look at filling in those spots with? Our rosters permit only 3 RBs and 3 WRs so I'll need to stay within those guidelines. Some of the RBs available in my league are Norwood, Kenny Watson, DeAngelo Williams, Davenport, Sproles. WRs include - Cotchery, Hester, Walter, Santana Moss, Cribbs.

Thanks for the help.

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Picked up Kenny Watson and Cotchery so far. Who else should I add? Is Brees the best start at QB or should I look at someone else? McNabb is available as is Collins from WASH.

Post your link and I'll try to help.

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