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TenaciousN8 Playoff Challenge Lineup Advice

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Here's my lineup for the wild card week of the Playoff Challlenge. For anyone unfamiliar w/ the format, there is no draft and you can choose a lineup of any players playing in playoff games that week. There is a point "unit" value assigned to every player- LT costs more to use than Shaun Alexander for instance. You are allowed a max of 300 units on your team and the goal is to score the most fantasy points possible given the limitations. Any advice is much appreciated! Leave a link and I'll try to help w/ questions.

QB- Matt Hasselbeck

RB- LaDanian Tomlinson

RB- Earnest Graham

WR- Plaxico Burress

WR- Santana Moss

TE- Heath Miller

K- Josh Scobee

D- Buccaneers

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It will be helpful if you could include an approximate unit charged for each stud and medium skilled player to assess the value of the entire line up to carry you through the entire playoffs. At first glance, you line up looks intact but maybe something else than Moss and Bucs if face value is the same (i.e., Chambers and Jax or Chargers D).

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Player unit costs are as follows:

Roethlisberger, Ben QB PIT vs JAC 72

Tomlinson, LaDainian RB SD vs TEN 69

Hasselbeck, Matt QB SEA vs WAS 67

Manning, Eli QB NYG @TB 51

Portis, Clinton RB WAS @SEA 50

Garrard, David QB JAC @PIT 50

Rivers, Philip QB SD vs TEN 49

Chargers, DST DST SD vs TEN 42

Garcia, Jeff QB TB vs NYG 40

Graham, Earnest RB TB vs NYG 40

Burress, Plaxico WR NYG @TB 39

Young, Vince QB TEN @SD 38

Jones-Drew, Maurice RB JAC @PIT 37

Collins, Todd QB WAS @SEA 36

White, LenDale RB TEN @SD 35

Taylor, Fred RB JAC @PIT 34

Gates, Antonio TE SD vs TEN 34

Engram, Bobby WR SEA vs WAS 33

Jacobs, Brandon RB NYG @TB 33

Alexander, Shaun RB SEA vs WAS 32

Holmes, Santonio WR PIT vs JAC 32

Seahawks, DST DST SEA vs WAS 32

Bironas, Rob K TEN @SD 31

Giants, DST DST NYG @TB 31

Galloway, Joey WR TB vs NYG 31

Brown, Josh K SEA vs WAS 30

Cooley, Chris TE WAS @SEA 29

Davenport, Najeh RB PIT vs JAC 28

Chambers, Chris WR SD vs TEN 27

Buccaneers, DST DST TB vs NYG 27

Kaeding, Nate K SD vs TEN 27

Burleson, Nate WR SEA vs WAS 27

Titans, DST DST TEN @SD 27

Bryant, Matt K TB vs NYG 26

Williams, Reggie WR JAC @PIT 26

Jaguars, DST DST JAC @PIT 26

Ward, Hines WR PIT vs JAC 26

Suisham, Shaun K WAS @SEA 26

Reed, Jeff K PIT vs JAC 25

Morris, Maurice RB SEA vs WAS 25

Tynes, Lawrence K NYG @TB 24

Steelers, DST DST PIT vs JAC 23

Ward, Derrick RB NYG @TB 22

Miller, Heath TE PIT vs JAC 22

Redskins, DST DST WAS @SEA 21

Moss, Santana WR WAS @SEA 21

Williams, Roydell WR TEN @SD 21

Toomer, Amani WR NYG @TB 21

Gray, Quinn QB JAC @PIT 21

Branch, Deion WR SEA vs WAS 20

Collins, Kerry QB TEN @SD 19

Gage, Justin WR TEN @SD 19

Northcutt, Dennis WR JAC @PIT 19

Brown, Chris RB TEN @SD 19

Jackson, Vincent WR SD vs TEN 18

Randle El, Antwaan WR WAS @SEA 18

Washington, Nate WR PIT vs JAC 17

Hilliard, Ike WR TB vs NYG 17

McCown, Luke QB TB vs NYG 16

Wilford, Ernest WR JAC @PIT 15

Droughns, Reuben RB NYG @TB 15

Scobee, Josh K JAC @PIT 14

Boss, Kevin TE NYG @TB 14

Betts, Ladell RB WAS @SEA 13

Rayner, Dave K SD vs TEN 13

Smith, Alex TE TB vs NYG 12

Hackett, D.J. WR SEA vs WAS 12

Jones, Matt WR JAC @PIT 12

Weaver, Leonard RB SEA vs WAS 11

Lewis, Marcedes TE JAC @PIT 11

Batch, Charlie QB PIT vs JAC 10

Pittman, Michael RB TB vs NYG 10

Jones, Greg RB JAC @PIT 10

Scaife, Bo TE TEN @SD

Sorry that's a long list. Thanks for the help!

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I think FT, MJD, and even N. Davenport who will run the whole game and possibly Brandon Jacobs are steals over Graham. Graham may struggle against the Giants D. I think Hackett's value is unbelivable, so maybe take him over Moss? DJ is a definite sleeper here. I prefer Jax D over Bucs D for some reason...

Good pick with scobee at great value for kicker.

Otherwise, I think all looks good.

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