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Brand New 3 Sport Dynasty league

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Hello guys! I've been playing fantasy sports for 9+ year now and I think it's time I formed a league that will be around fpr a long time for all of us fantasy sports junkies and fantasy sports hobbiests.

I'll be looking for managers that will play in all 3 sports, with no if's and's or but's and ones that will check into their teams every day. It's annoying when an owner checks his team once a week and sets his lineup for the week and hopes for the best.

When baseball opens up, we will be starting with baseball on Yahoo and go from there. The way we will be drafting is by lottery. At the start of baseball season (for the first season) I will be holding a lottery to determine who picks where in each of the 3 sports, so that draft picks can be exchanged if owners want.

Example: If owner "A" gets the first pick in Baseball and would like to trade that pick to owner "B" for his pick in Basketball, this can be done in this first year only. All other years will be trading sport to sport players and picks.

Fire me an e mail at if this is the right kind of league for you and you will stay true to your teams and your league.


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