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Dynasty league looking for a few owners

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Looking for a few replacement owners. League is ran on YAHOO and does not have prize money. It is for fun only and bragging rights of course. Please send me a message and I will let you know how to sign up.

18 team league going into its 4th year of existence in 2008. We're looking for new managers to fill the void left by a few people that have moved on.

The only requirement for the league is that we ask you to pay attention on a daily basis.

You can read over the league rules and such...and can PM me with any questions you may have. We're in no huge rush to fill the openings, but would like to have people in place a.s.a.p. so that they can become accustomed to the league before our off-seasons draft takes place in early February.

Here is a rough draft of the rules (to be edited as necessary for 2008):

1) Categories (roto) = OBP, R, SB, RBI, HR, TB --- W, H, S, Ks, ERA, WHIP

2) Yahoo! Major League roster spots = 25

2007 Minor League roster spots = 6

Minor League rosters will be kept track of by The Commish in the thread entitled (you guessed it) "Minor League Rosters".

3) IP MAX = 1475. 162x9 = 1458. Most every team in MLB will play 1475 innings with extras.

4) Each starting hitter position (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UTIL) will be allowed 162 games. Pitching slots will consist of 1 SP, 1 RP, and 10 Ps. Please note that there is no requirement to carry 12 or more Ps, it just gives everyone the opportunity to start 12 pitchers per day. There is the outside possibility that at some point in the season, a team may have 5 or 6 starters starting on the same day. At that point, they should not be penalized and forced to sit some of their relievers because the rosters do not allow for it.

5) Trades reviewed by: "Commissioner" and the league voting should be run through the FIC league page. Reason being, there is a chance that a few people will not be checking on their teams enough, and a "shady" deal may be proposed, which could possibly be let through if not everyone votes on the trade (obviously, there will not be a voting setup if the trade is fair, unless requested by more than 1 manager). Please note that trades have a 1 day voting period, that revolves around Yahoo's midnight Pacific time clock. Please pay attention daily, and express any concerns that you may have about a trade. Last year, there really wasn't any concern expressed over any trades that were made. However, if more than one manager expresses concern over a trade, I may "veto" the trade to allow for a voting period. Please don't assume that any trade that is vetoed will not be going through. I will PM and post a message on the league page with my reasoning when necessary.

6) Waiver priority carries over from previous season.

7) You are allowed to keep as many players as you choose. Each team will have 35 roster spots available starting November 1st. You are not allowed to add any unowned players to your roster from November 1 through the start of the draft, however you can trade (for example, one player for two) and increase your roster that way. The 35 players consist of major and minor leaguers (technically 28 major and 7 minor). Most (including myself) will be keeping their entire roster (I don't see many reasons not to). Once a player is on your major league roster, the only way he can be sent back down to your minor league roster is if he is actually sent down to the minors in real life.

8) The draft will start sometime in mid/late Feb. The lowest ranked team (from the previous season) with an available pick will draft first in each round of the supplemental draft, until their roster is set. The second lowest team with an available pick will draft second in each round (and so on...), until rosters are filled. We will be selecting both major and minor leaguers during the same draft. The definition of a minor leaguer is a player having a major league career consisting of less than 100 AB or 50 IP. If the player has more than 100 AB or 50 IP, he must be drafted to your 28 man major league roster. Once keepers are set, a list of rosters will be sent out. I will have also created an alphabetical list of owned players in a separate thread. This way, you will easily be able to find if a player is owned or not...and therefore whether on not he can be drafted. If you choose to keep 28 players (combined major and minor), you will have 7 supplemental picks in the draft. Keep 30 players, you will have 5 supplemental picks (and so on...). Due to the possibility of people having 5DL players plus a 25-man roster, and 7 minor leaguers (acquiring an extra one via trade this off-season) going into keeper submission, some people may have to cut players to make the 35 man roster and also have zero picks in the is up to you. We will have roster cuts sometime toward the end of spring training (in case prospects succeed or flounder)...probably the week before the season starts.

9) Because this is a dynasty league, teams that drop out due to lack of inactivity will be assumed in full (with choice of keeping players) by the incoming manager. If there is more than 1 team dropping out, I will assign teams to incoming owners randomly.

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Welcome OLLIE!

Wrong Forum: This needs to go in MATCHMAKER.

Don't worry: Members are prescreened. B)

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