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14 Team H2H Auction Keeper League

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The ESPN league will be 14 teams using an auction draft and will be scored using a 6x6 H2H category format. We will be using leagesafe for all league money and the buy-in is $150 which goes to the leaguesafe account totaling $2,100 prize pot for payouts annually.

The 6x6 categories include Avg, R, HR, RBI, OPS, and SB for Batters and W, QS, SV, K, WHIP, and ERA for Pitchers.

Our lineups and rosters will consist of daily lineup sets, 20 active players with 7 reserves, 3 minor leaguers (131 ABs/51 IP)

You will keep 7 of your players and your 3 minor leaguers.

We will have a MLB and MiLB draft (separately).

This league is for owners who are serious, active with free agent signings, trades, and board commentary from the beginning and build a long lasting relationship with similar great owners.

Please contact for inquiries and questions.

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