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I just joined a keeper league, taking over somebody else's team and wanted to rebuild the team.

Thankfully, the team I inherited does have some valuable trade assets: Lillard, Wiggins, Antetokoumpo, DRose, Deandre.

Unfortunately, that is it. everyone else on the team is sub par or irrelevant.

Players include: Austin Rivers, John Henson, Iman Shumpert, Cody Zeller, Evan Fournier, Shabazz Napier, Shabazz Muhammed, Zach Lavine, Dario Saric, and......Andrew Bynum...sigh.

To the previous owner's defense, it is a 20 team deep league so that kinda explains the subpar players.

I was thinking of trading away DRose and try to land some young up and coming talent such as Whiteside, Gobert, Drummond, etc.

Where do you think i should begin rebuilding and who should i target with what players?

Your inputs will be greatly appreciated.

Please help me rebuild a winning team!

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Rose might be a good option to sell, but please, do not trade him for Gobert or Whiteside. I'm still not conviced with Whiteside. If you can get Drummond I would do it. That would be a nice big man core to have with Drummond and DJ, but your FT% would be garbage. there is a lot of dead weight on the team, and granted, it is a 20 team league, and some of these guys were supposed to be much better than they are. I like both Shabaaz's. I think Napier will grow into a bigger role with the Heat over the long haul. I like Lavine's potential, but Rubio is a road block with his new 4 year deal, so do as you see fit. You aren't playing for anything so it might be wise to hold since he does play 20+ minutes, granted Rubio was hurt. Shumpert, Zeller, Austin should be off your team IMO. I like Saric a lot ( i watch some Eurobasket) so I would stash him, or trade him if someone else likes him. He was the Euroleague MVP so he isnt a nobody. He is also really young (21 I think).


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I think this would be a great deal for you. I'd also try to trade Rose, maybe put him on the block and see who bites.

By putting him on the block, do you think that will lessen the value of DRose?

DeAndre and Rose for Conley Gobert and Oladipo is a good to go?

or shoulld i try going for a Drummond for Rose

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Personally I'd rather go for Conley, Oladipo & Gobert, especially in a keeper league. If Gobert starts next season he will be pretty similar to DJ but with better FT%. Conley & Oladipo are easily > an injury prone Rose. So I'd take the deal and you don't need to put Rose on the block.

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