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Boogie for Klay? WHIR


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Reasoning is that I have a surplus of boards and blocks and am currently midrange as far as 3pm, plus better playoff schedule for GSW. Also not a fan of Boogie's turnovers. Would you make this move for my team?

Leave a link

My team:

Dipo, Pat Bev, RJax

Korver, Ariza

Gay, TJones

Boogie, LMA, Dirk

Drummond, Dieng, Whiteside, Mozgov

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The only realistic trade for DMC would be Lillard imo. Portland also has a solid PO schedule, and the problem with GSW is that like 50% of their games are blowouts right now. I'd rather own Lillard than Klay, personally.

But, I would personally also keep DMC. You can go after a solid PG with one of your bigs, because Dipo/PatBev/RJax can use an upgrade. Think of trading Drummond to the DeAndre Jordan owner, or try to shop LMA for an elite PG.

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considering how stacked you are at PF and C. i could definitely see you swapping dmc for klay, which i wouldn't mind. klay would immediately make you an elite 3PTM team. but i think you have a bigger need at PG. dipo is solid. but rjax aint.

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