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Need one more. Yahoo 10 man. League safe. $50-100 buy in.

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I'm looking to replace three managers in my ten man Yahoo league. This will be this league's 2nd official $$$ year (third unofficial). Three week playoff (14,15,16) 6 man playoff with top two seeds getting first round byes. Dues paid to leaguesafe.

I have been playing since 2007. Two guys in my league I have been playing with since 2009. Three have been playing with me since 2013, and two joined 2014. The two who joined 2014 were off of these forums and were very active and competitive and got 2nd and 4th place. That's why I'm back to find some more great managers. I removed the non active managers. I only want serious players... waiver wire bloodhounds. No bye week flexers.

Standard Yahoo scoring. Added a w/r/t flex spot and there are 6 bench spots. Draft order is decided in order from 1st to last place. First place picks his spot, then second etc. This helps with keeping people active during bad season. Any new managers would fall to bottom of standing in the order they join.

The payouts are meant to keep people fighting and active all year too. Below is the email I sent to the league.

Every Week the person with the TOP Scoring Player will get $5.00 ($5x16=$80)

Every Week the person with the TOP Scoring Team will get $5.00 ($5x16=$80)

Person with most Team Points on Season will receive $20.00

Person with HIGHEST scoring player will receive $20.00

Each team the makes the playoffs will get a bonus.

1&2 Seed will each receive $30.00

3&4 Seed will each receive $15.00

5&6 Seed will each receive $10.00

Champion will receive $100

Runner Up (2nd) will receive $60

Third Place will receive $30

That all adds up to $500. (10 people @ $50 buy in)

Only playoff teams cash. Any bonuses made by teams that don't make the playoffs are automatically given to the league championship that year.

If everyone wants to do a trophy we will have a big one to keep here with everyone local Colorado and a small one to be easily shipped for out of town champs. SO add $5 on buy in for trophy cost.

$55 buy in.

Let me know if you guys have any questions.


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