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Hi guys/gals,

All of the trade threads, and specific team questions will be moved to Bench Coach forum. Please post all questions in there regarding Drafting, Trades, Add/Drops, etc. just like you would for MLB players. Also, remember that discussion is strictly on MILB players for general discussion - based on feedback from the MILB Forum community, discussion of MLB players is for the Main Forum, or it's for roster building, the Bench Coach Forum.

EDIT 2009: If you are unsure of the posting rules, please refer to the FBB Posting Rules FAQ, stickied at the top of the FBB Main Forum. Given the specific MILB nature, there is more latitude in this Forum, as long as it's specific to MILB players (and again, it's posted in the FBB Posting Rules FAQ - so members, if you are unsure, go check it out!); in case you can't find it, here's the writeup below - MODS -

MILB Forum - This is the forum to discuss the future of MLB - players who are in the minors, and with *no clear timeline* of callup, or foreign import players who have yet to be confirmed making the MLB 25 man roster. Minors players (or foreign imports) who are officially listed as being called up, or with a *definite* imminent call-up date, can be discussed in the Main Forums as MLB news.. Once a player is called up, or if they are no longer considered rookies as per MLB, they remain in the Main Forum for discussion. If there is no declared imminent timeline, they stay down in the MILB Forum. Players who are in the minors on rehab assignment are *not* considered minors players (e.g. Francisco Liriano in 2008). The parameters of discussion are wider in this forum than in the Main Forum, since it's dedicated *solely* to MILB players. However, trade questions, or roster-specific issues that involve MLB players are still Bench Coach (BC) Forum, given the focus on MILB players only. We still stick to the one topic, one thread principle as in the Baseball Main Forum. Incidentally, due to excessive hits from spam bots, for 2009, it's now the MILB Forum - MInor League Baseball (for those who are truly interested).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.