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Help Upgrading Roster through Trade

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Looking to upgrade my roster in a 10-man 0.5ppr league. I like where I'm at but know I can improve want to make sure I have the best roster for the playoffs.

I was wondering what you guys thought would be the best way to go about upgrading my team. My current roster is:







Streaming the Jags this week and planning on dropping them for Watkins.

Really think I would rather move the Panthers D even though I like them. Playoff schedule is ATL,NYG,ATL so I don't see using them when it matters. I think packaging them with Clay if he has another big week could yield something nice.

What defenses are worth targeting in a trade? Only see Denver and Seattle as worth it now.

Also considering going after Rodgers with Palmer and someone else. Guy that has him has a weak roster and no TE.

Any input would be appreciated just wondering what you guys think is my best move.

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