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What does your late-round cheat sheet look like?

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Drafting tomorrow night and find myself more and more torn on which late-round guys to target as they have solid preseasons. So, throwing strategy out the window .. what rookies/breakout guys are you really prioritizing in the late rounds? My cheat sheet looks something like this:

1. Myles Turner

2. Meyers Leonard

3.CJ McCollum

4. Stanley Johnson

5. Otto Porter

6. Alec Burks

I was originally just keyed in on taking Myles Turner at the start of the 10th round, but at this point I admittedly think I may have blinders on; feel free to tell me so. Stanley and those young Blazers have been absolutely killing it, with the Blazers getting a bump for guaranteed, immediate minutes. Porter I honestly haven't looked at closely enough yet, and Burks seems like he's locked in. Man, I love the late rounds.

So .. what's your late-round cheat sheet look like? And who am I not giving enough consideration to? Looking to cram plenty of opinions in in the next 20 hours.

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In this order

Otto - definite starter, most people have been reaching for him though.

McCollum - 6th man of the year candidate

Johnson - may start slow but will have a great 2nd half

Leonard - 3s and good ft%

Turner - not sure about him yet but can be a 2nd half breakout if Indiana don't do well

Burks - gets to the line alot (so if you have FTM he will be above turner), hopefully has improved his shooting from 3

Please give your opinion on mine:

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I'm starting with a pair of SF keepers in Kawhi and Middleton, so I haven't been targeting Otto in mocks .. might be time to start thinking about it though, eh?

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