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Bill Walton's Poetry Seminar (H2H League)

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I am recruiting basketball fans for a kickass H2H categories league with me and some buddies.

The league is free. We are playing for pride and glory (and fun! yay!).


-ESPN league

-12 teams (two conferences)

-Draft date (tentatively): Monday, Oct. 24th at 6:15 eastern time.

-Draft: Snake

-H2H categories (win/loss for each category)

-Categories: points, rebounds, steals, assists, blocks, FG%, FT%, 3PM, TO)

-6 playoff teams (division winners get 1st round bye)

-3 acquisitions per matchup (no season maximum)

-1 day waiver period

If you can commit, we would love to have you. Also, I can neither confirm nor deny but definitely not confirm that Zach Lowe will be playing in this league. So join us!!!

oh yeah, here is the link: Bill Walton's Poetry Seminar

If you want to join, send your name and email to my inbox or email:

Looking forward to playing with you,


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