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Ever done a 2-QB league?

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Brody Quinn is pretty valuable as well.

Not nearly as valuable as Tom Brodie of the Pats!

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Yes i play in a 2 QB every year. It is alot of fun to start 2 Quarterback's every week B)

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My friends and I do a 2 QB money league every year and it really is a lot of fun. It is a completely different animal than 1 QB and drastically alters the values of players. Consistant QB's definitely have more value but I will just say you can't REALLY plan for what will happen. How to draft really depends on the people you are drafting with.

For example, this year I finished as the #1 seed and #2 overall (lost the championship) and I had the traditional strategy you would use for 1 QB leagues. I let everyone reach for the good QB's and was content selecting the stronger players at the other skill positions. I ended up not selecting a QB until round 5, then again in round 7. I chose Jon Kitna and Brett Favre. Granted I got very lucky with them both being relativly injury free through the season with their combined age of like 152 lol but I was very successful. I chose Addai, Westbrook, Fitzgerald, Gates with my first 4 picks and for the most part blew through the season with ease. Granted it was depressing to have to start Jason Campbell and Chad Pennington/Kellen Clemons, but you can sometimes nab guys with great value later than they should go because of everyone emphasizing the QB so much more. I picked up Westbrook mid 2nd!

Normally though I would agree with the majority of posters and reccomend a strong QB in the first 2-3 rounds and a solid #2 maybe 5th-6th and you will be fine. Don't sleep on RB"s though, the committees arising make the big names even more valuable than ever.

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I dont understand why 2 QB leagues arent just as standard as 2 RB leagues? There are 32 starting RB's and 32 starting QB's.

Well during your normal bye weeks somewhere between 4-8 teams will be on Bye. on those worst weeks you will have 24 starting QB out there. That might cause alot of issues.

While there are 32 starting RB, backup RB at least get playing time. I would say there about 50 RB that get about 10 touches a week. at least 10 touches is playable.

If all goes as planned there are exactly 32 QB that will play on Sunday if coaches have their way and no injuries.

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okay, well scoring in the league is 20/4 for QBs, 1:10 and 6 for everyone else, PPR included for all

The QBs went as follows (mine):

1st - Brady

2nd - Peyton, Romo, Ben, Brees

3rd - DA, Palmer

4th - McNabb, Hasselbeck

5th - Eli, Cutler, Delhomme

6th - Garrard, Leinart, Bulger, Schaub, Garcia

7th - VY, Kitna

8th - nada

9th - Rivers, Campbell, Trent Edwards

10th - Aaron Rogers, Jamarcus, Flacco

11th - Kurt Warner

12th - Alex Smith, Brady Quinn, Kellen Clemens

13th - nada

14th - Matt Ryan, (more to follow, pick 14.04 is up)

1st round was a purely standard round, no real surprises or weird picks.

LT, SJax, AD, Westy, Brady, Addai, Portis, LJ, McGahee, Gore

2nd round is where people started grabbing QBs. I intended to grab Ben at 2.09 and then Brees at 3.02 because I thought the 2.10/3.01 guy wasn't real big on Brees, but I was wrong. I figured that would've been a good 40-45 points per week for me, but that's okay.

I'm pretty happy with my team so far. Actually, I'm quite happy with it, although I'm a bit tentative with my 2nd RB.

We start QB(2), RB(2), WR(3), TE, flex(1)

T1: LT, Brees, Braylon, Torry Holt, Eli, Brandon Jacobs, Bowe, Julius Jones, Hines Ward, Shockey, Marvin, Kellen Clemens, Chris Brown

ME: SJax, Ben, TO, Brandon Marshall, Witten, CalJohn, Roddy White, J-Stewart, Phil Rivers, Fred Taylor, Kurt Warner, Ahmad Brad, Derrick Mason

T3: AD, Wayne, Colston, Ronnie Brown, Jay Cutler, Jeff Garcia, VY, Kevin Curtis, Mendy, Chester, Driver, Watson, Crumpler

T4: Westy, Moss, MBIII, Hasselbeck, Earnest Graham, Schaub, Lee Evans, FWP, Campbell, Dallas Clark, Reggie Brown, Deuce, Burleson

T5: Brady, Michael Turner, Andre Johnson, DMac, Boldin, Bulger, Javon Walker, Cooley, Matt Forte, Flacco, Devin Thomas, Vernon Davis, Michael Bush

T6: Addai, Romo, Fitz, Maroney, Ocho, Jamal Lewis, Tony Gonz, Thomas Jones, AGonz, Jamarcus, Donte, Scheffler, Sidney Rice

T7: Portis, Peyton, SS, Bush, Plax, Roy Williams, Kitna, Kevin Smith, Trent Edwards, Bernard Berrian, Felix Jones, DAW, Isaac

T8: LJ, MJD, DA, Housh, Gates, Leinart, Cotchery, Santana, DJ Hackett, Torrain, Travis Henry, Brady Quinn, Joey Galloway, Matt Ryan

T9: McGahee, Marshawn, Palmer, McNabb, Jennings, Kellen, Chris Chambers, LaverColes, Rudi, Edge, Bobby Engram, Alex Smith, Cedric Benson, SDC def

T10: Gore, Grant, Santonio, Welker, Delhomme, Garrard, Heap, Jerry Porter, Lendale, Aron Rogers, Heath Miller, VJax, Fargas, Bryant Johnson

So for the main starters (QB -- RB -- WR -- TE -- flex):

T1: Brees, Eli -- LT, Brandon Jacobs -- Braylon, Holt, Bowe -- Shockey -- Julus Jones, Hines Ward, Marvin

ME: Ben, Rivers -- SJax, Fred Taylor -- TO, Marshall, Calvin Johnson -- Witten -- Roddy White, Derrick Mason, Ahmad Bradshaw, Stewie

T3: Cutler, Garcia -- AD, Ronnie Brown -- Wayne, Colston, Kevin Curtis -- Watson -- Mendy, Driver, Crumpler

T4: Hass, Schaub -- Westy, MBIII -- Moss, Evans, Reggie Brown -- Dallas Clark -- Earnest Graham, FWP, Deuce

T5: Brady, Bulger -- Turner, DMac -- AJohn, Boldin, Javon -- Chris Cooley -- Forte, Devin Thomas, VernDavis

T6: Romo, Jamarcus -- Addai, Jamal -- Fitz, Ocho, AGonz -- Tony Gonz -- Thomas Jones, Donte Stallworth, Sid Rice, Maroney

T7: Peyton, Kitna -- Portis, Bush -- SS, Plax, Roy Williams -- no TE's drafted -- Kevin Smith, Bernard Berrian, Isaac Bruce, DAW, FeJones

T8: DA, Leinart -- LJ, MJD -- Housh, Cotch, Santana -- Gates -- Hackett, DenverRB, Galloway

T9: Palmer, McNabb -- McGahee, Marshawn -- Jennings, Chris Chambers, LaverColes -- Winslow -- Rudi, Edge, Engram

T10: Delhomme, Garrard -- Grant, Gore -- Santonio, Welker, Porter -- Heap -- Lendale, VJax, Fargas, Bryant Johnson

So in a PPR league, I am pretty stoked since all 5 of my WRs are #1 WRs (arguable about Calvin Johnson) on their teams, and I have Witten. I'm a bit nervous about the RB situation in Carolina since they mentioned Stewie is going to return kicks (AFTER I drafted him), so I grabbed Fred Taylor a round earlier than I would've normally. I'm also thinking about trading Ben for Brees, and the Brandon Jacobs owner is VERY interested in Ahmad Bradshaw

Is it wrong of me to pray for Leinart to tear a rotator cuff right before the season? B) (kidding.....kinda)

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