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Rate my team/trades WHIR


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I've made some big changes to my team. Three in, three out. How would you rate my team now and is there anything else I should look to improve on?

Now my team is:

PG: Teague, Kyrie, CP3, Tyreke

SG: Batum, Middleton, JR

SF: Parsons, Giannis, Melo

PF: Love

C: Howard, M.Gasol

I trade my Teague, Melo and Love for Ryan Anderson, Ish Smith and Pau Gasol.

Now my team looks like this, once the trades are through:

PG: Ish, Kyrie, CP3, Tyreke

SG: Batum, Middleton, JR

SF: Parsons, Giannis

PF: Anderson

C: M.Gasol, Howard, P.Gasol

I know I might have gave a little bit too much but I think these three I got could give a lot of balance to my team. What do you think?

I'm thinking of maybe dropping Parsons for Covington, Casspi, Terrence Jones, Amir or Ersan.

Give your view/advice and I WHIR!

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Yeah solid team man. I've been trying to get both gasols as well so I'm jealous. Your assists look decent with cp ish batum and the gasols so I would maybe try to move tyreke and parsons for a solid sf or pf that can give 2-4 assists? Only cuz tyreke injuries scare me. Horford looks like a good target. That way u don't just drop parsons and u can snatch up Covington. Thanks for mine

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