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Any trade giving out Davis looks bad at first on paper, but once you look into the stats.. It's not bad at all! I have Ibaka on one of my teams and just like his solid contributions all around, although he can be even better but Russ and Durant got to do their thing. Harden started the season not so much like himself but he's been dominating now. Nice solid value you got there, sir.


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Harden=AD in terms of value...Ibaka > Ariza and Collison...I say a win for you..I'm sure you could find a guy on your wire to pick up some slack lost by Ariza or Collison

I'll try to find something..

on the waiver there are :

Iguodala, D.Green, Hibbert, Nurkic, Ed Davis, Lawson, Tucker, Capela, Larry Nance, Luol Deng, K.Martin, Adams, Leuer, Olynyk, barea, Felton, Shabazz, Harris, Withey.

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Larry Nance currently has a knee problem so I would go with steve adams with the 4 games week 13

Thats ok, but i was more searching for opinions about the trade i made

i gave up : A.Davis+Collison+Ariza

i got : Harden and Ibaka

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