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Rubio for Tyreke? WHIR


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In my H2H 9 cat keeper league I was offered this trade

I give: Ricky Rubio, Goran Dragic

I get: Tyreke Evans

I'm leaning no on this but I wanted to check here. Evans' injury concerns are a problem for me. If he gets shut down obviously this would be a huge blow to my team. I am in a close 3rd place this year.

Thanks and leave a link.

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I'd take Tyreke ahead of Rubio, but all the speculation of shutdown and injury ricks it just doesnt seems right. On the contrary, if those two things dont happen, i believe Reke will hold bigger value than Rubio by the end of the season, it seems that he stepped up his game this year. Hope i helped

in need of an advice here - http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=578428

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Tyreke is good but it's no coincidence that you see so many Tyreke questions/proposals floating around these days. We are desperate to offload him not because he's bad just because we're afraid he'll miss games and be useless. He can and should get some value in trades because if he's good to go he's very good.

However in your position I wouldn't accept getting Tyreke for Rubio AND Dragic. That is way too much, even if Rubio can be streaky at times (even likely to get hurt himself) and Dragic underperforming. You could probably narrow it down to only on of the two or ask for someone else in addition coming your way. As a Tyreke owner getting this deal would make me feel like I won the trade and you don't want your opponent to feel that do you?! :)

I'd sit on this one.


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