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Trade - CP3/Whiteside FOR Horford/Beal

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Hello Rotoworld family,

What are your thoughts on this trade? At first glance and IMO, the owner receiving CP3/Whiteside wins but I don't feel this is so one sided but.....

On the other hand, the owner giving up Horford/Beal also has Jimmy Butler (who's currently injured for the next few weeks). If he gave up Horford and an injured Butler for CP3/Whiteside, do you believe that constitutes as a more fair deal? Even if an injured player is part of the package? Beal has put up some great numbers recently but he is definitely not a CP3 replacement.

The owner giving up CP3/Whiteside is in last place and his only other assist contributors are MCW and Joe Johnson. The owner giving up Horford/Beal GM is currently in 14th place.

Just looking for some thoughts.

Thank you!

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