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Grade My Draft, Please. WHIR 100%

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This is not your typical PPR league. It consist of a QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, WR/RB/TE, QB/WR/RB/TE, K, DEF, 3 IDP, 8 Bench, 3IR


Throwing TD= 5pts

I had the 2nd pick over all.


1.  Leveon Bell (no brainer)

2.  Aaron Rodgers (you can play 2 qbs at once)

3.  Drew Brees (look at AA RON)

4.  Allen Robinson (hopefully a rebound year)

5.  Keenan Allen (hopefully he stays healthy)

6.  Carlos Hyde (believe he will be the starter)

7.  Jamison Crowder (ppr gold imo)

8.  Danny Woodhead (hopefully Flacco looks for him a lot)

9.  LeGarrette Blount (hopefully another 8 TD year)

10.Pierre Garcon (PPR Gold, #1 WR in SF)

11.Zach Ertz (Slim picking at this point)

12. Kwon Alexander (Top LB last year)

13. Jamal Adams (Auto Pick, so angry)

14.Duke Johnson Jr. (Maybe he gets WR eligibility)

15.Mike Glennon (need to fill in the bye weeks)

16.Minnesota (maybe they can keep it up)

17.Joey Bosa (a lot of sack last year)

18.Rob Kelley (Possibly the lead back)

19.Jeremy Hill (why the hell not)

20. Atonio Gates (older than dirt, but Rivers loves him)

21.Kevin White (Just maybe)

22.Cairo Santos (I guess I had to draft a kicker)


Dropped Gates for Mike Williams and put him into an IR spot.

then I picked up Jay Cutler. Yes I have 4 qbs, but in a 2 qb league, he could be trade bait.


Dropped Jamal Adams for Jamaal Williams. Supposedly he is pushing TY Montgomery for that starting spot.


I need to pick up another IDP Player, but not sure who to drop at this point. Will wait to things start to shape up.


Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts. 


WHIR as alwasys.


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I think Rob Kelley is a steal. I think the QBs you picked up were great and it pissed off at least 1 person in your league. Overall you are very good at QB and RB. WR you are missing the big name but I think your squad is very, very solid! B- to a B




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A lot of solid value late in a PPR. QBs are amazing. RB are also great with Bell, Hyde, Woodhead, and Duke. Can't believe you got Kelley that late! WR are all good PPR players so I think you did really well. 





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Like was previously pointed out, you lack the big name WR, but the ones you have are solid. And the rest of the team is great. I think you're in really good shape. 


Return the favor? Please note my comment part way down. 


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