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This is a 12 team redraft league. Full 1 point PPR with 6pt Passing TD's and -4 for interceptions. This results in an average score for a QB to be similar to 4pt Passing TD's except that your elite QB's avg more and the subpar/streamers tend to score less.


As for the draft, WR were far more popular than I expected with the biggest run coming in the 3rd round which created far more WR scarcity and some fairly big early-mid RB's fall. I ended up going Murray-Howard at the turn (was hoping Jordy or Green would drop) with the intention of taking a combo of Pryor - Allen - Fitzgerald - D Thomas - Crabtree at the 3/4 turn. I ended up only having Allen available and pivoted to Rodgers who picks up some value with our QB scoring system.


Take a look, give some thoughts (12th Spot)


Draft Board - Imgur

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Yeah, somewhere there's a pooch having a cigarette after this one...


I don't know why you would start a PPR draft with 2 RBs, but then you compounded the error by gobbling up 3 more irrelevant RBs with only the flimsy Keenan Allen and Stefon Diggs under your belt.  I really hate taking a QB early, but given your scoring system, I'm a little surprised that no one jumped on Rodgers before the 4th round--so I can't berate you TOO much for that grab.


Even with Rodgers, though, it's going to be tough for you to compete.

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