Zeke for first overall pick and #12

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In a 12 team keeper non-ppr league.

We can keep up to 6 players.  I will hold on to Brees, Zeke, D. Murray, A. Brown, T. Hill and Kelce.


I'm thinking of making a bold move by trading Zeke for the 1st overall pick (which would be McCaffrey) and his 12th pick for good measure.  As of right now, I have no picks in the first or second round.  My first picks will be in the 3rd round, the 27th and 28th overall.  If I did this, I could hold on to J. Stewart and not worry about handcuffing him later.  If I don't do this, I almost have to (waste) my 3rd round pick on D. MacFadden.


What do you guys think ?

Thanks !

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I don't think I'd do it.  I know that it is tempting to dump Zeke early, but he's still a top-tier fantasy back.  When he comes back from suspension, the combination of him and Murray will be tough to beat.  Plus I'm assuming you'll be able to keep him, again, next year.  If you trade him away, your opponent gets that opportunity. 

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Love your keepers. Especially Hill.

I'd keep Zeke. If you don't get McFadden, you can try to either snag one of the Seahawks or Saints RBs, OR if you want something of a sure thing, I'd give Jacquizz Rodgers a good look. He was killing it as a starter before going down with an injury last year. He'll have 3 games sans Martin and by week 3 I am sure someone will emerge (Joe Williams SF? Jamaal Williams GB? Kareem Hunt KC?) that can maybe be scooped up off waivers.


Help please? 



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