I want to create a 30 team Dynasty Baseball League

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1 hour ago, The1Commish said:

Invite sent.

Cannot see it.  Can you pls add me? EternalNomad381 (Fantrax). Thanks! Any team is fine say Indians or Arizona. Thanks!

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On 11/14/2017 at 4:30 PM, EternalNomad said:

Cannot see it.  Can you pls add me? EternalNomad381 (Fantrax). Thanks! Any team is fine say Indians or Arizona. Thanks!

Not sure how to add you with your Fantrax name.  Let me see..

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On 11/14/2017 at 4:30 PM, EternalNomad said:

Cannot see it.  Can you pls add me? EternalNomad381 (Fantrax). Thanks! Any team is fine say Indians or Arizona. Thanks!

 I think I figured it out sir.  Arizona is yours


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On 11/22/2017 at 2:56 PM, Chase28 said:

If there’s any teams left or if someone drops out, I’d be interested in joining. Email is

I have one team left. Cardinals. Invite sent

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12 hours ago, ffadmin said:

If you get any openings, please let me know. Very well versed with fantrax and its settings

I actually have one opening. A guy on here said he wanted to join but has yet to accept the invite. It’s urs if u want. Just need ur email

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BioGenesis Baseball Dynasty League 
League Constitution

1. League Basics
2. Member Activity Requirements
3. Roster Breakdown
4. Free Agency and Waivers
5. Draft
6. Salary Cap and Contracts
7. Trading
8. Miscellaneous
9. Yearly Schedule

1. League Basics:
BioGenesis Baseball is a Dynasty league, whereby teams retain all players in perpetuity until their contracts expire or they are voluntarily traded, released, or retire.
The scoring system is weekly Head to Head: Points-Based beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday.  Each scoring category is worth a point value (ex: an RBI is worth 1 point).  Teams compare weekly totals for each given match-up, and the team with the higher score is determined the winner.  Teams with the top records in their divisions at season’s end make the playoffs.
The league has 30 teams divided into 6 Divisions, American League West, Central, East and National League West, Central, and East.  This league is designed to miror the real MLB.
The league has a hard salary cap, which is based on real life salary caps.  The salary cap will be adjusted each year to reflect changes in major league salary structure.
A randomly generated schedule will be utilized by Fantrax for the inaugural year.  The schedule will be reevaluated moving forward.  
A ~$3 dollar fee will be required from team members each year to receive the Fantrax Premium version of the site, which give us access to premium features such as Salaries, Contracts and Minor Leagues.  Fantrax Premium replaces the need to run an off-site, manual document for salaries, contracts and minors.
This constitution is not meant to be a final say on any and all rules and regulations.  It is merely a means to distribute the backbone information of the league in a speedy process.  All managers are encouraged to check the league rules which are found under the first folder under the Other button at the top of the page.  Also, there is an FAQ tab that can be found on the site for any and all league questions.  

2. Member Activity Requirements
Team owners are responsible for the following:

  • Keeping track of league events, announcements made via email and GroupMe, and all information contained within this constitution.
  • Attempting to answer emails, trade requests and all other league related inquiries as quickly as possible.
  • Ensuring that roster violations are dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Note: This is a complex league with many rules. Owner activity is the most important aspect of being a great league member, and will be monitored by the Commissioner's Office in the future.
  • Being present and active in the GroupMe app league chat

3. Roster Breakdown
All Rosters are to be maintained on the Fantrax page.  The roster is found on the Team Roster page under the Team button on top of the home page.  The roster is divided into active players (starting lineup for each week), reserves, and minor leaguers.
Position eligibility will be set to the Fantrax default.
Each team has a total of 50 player spots. The roster is broken into 18 active players, up to 7 reserve players, up to 25 minor league players and up to 3 injured reserve players. Not all injured reserve and minor league slots need to be filled. During the season, all teams should have 18 active players and 7 reserve players at all times to insure fairness of competition.
Starts are not allowed in the RP slots.  Any points accumulated for a start in the RP spot will be deducted on a team's first offense.  A second offense would result in a stiffer penalty handed down by the Commissioner's Office.
Active and Reserve Players earn a Major League salary (real life salary), while players kept on the Minor League team or Injured Reserve do not count against the team’s salary cap.
A player must be listed as a minor, inactive, free agent AND have less than 400AB/100IP to be placed on the minor league section. Any player reaching those limits must be moved to the active or reserve roster before the start of the following week of games. Should a team be in violation of the minor league roster, Fantrax will not award points for the team during that week of play.
Weekly lineups lock 5 minutes before the start of each players game.

4. Free Agency and Waivers

4.a. Free Agency
Teams may pick up Free agents at any point during the regular season, provided the player’s salary does not place the team above the salary cap.
A Free Agent is any player that has reached 400AB for field players or 100IP for pitchers, prior to the last draft date.
Any attempt to cheat the system (ex: picking up a player with less than the required IP/ABs) will result in penalties.

4.b. Waivers
If a team drops a player from his Major League team permanently, the player will go on Waivers. A player will stay on the waiver wire until the morning following 2 days after the player is released.
At this point, any free agent picked up on waivers must be placed into the active or reserve slots available to your team.
Priority for pickup of waived players is by reverse order final standings. The order will be rotated after each claim is made so that the claiming team goes to the bottom of the waiver order list.
The waiver order is listed on the last button under the Transaction tab at the top of the home page.

5. Draft

Rookie Drafts

  • Each June, the league will conduct a rookie draft of 5 rounds on the Sunday following the conclusion of the real MLB First-Year Draft.
  • The draft will be completed online through Fantrax, or in a Google Document.
  • The draft order will be set by reversing the previous year’s final regular season standings, with the league champion getting the last draft position and the runner up the next to last position. All other positions will be by final standings (tiebreak is total team fantasy points, lowest gets highest pick).
  • Draft picks can be traded (more on that in the Trade section).
  • We will learn more about the draft as we proceed through the Fantrax draft process the first time. Adjustments may be made in the future.

Draft Eligibility:

  • Any player that has been drafted in the most recent MLB draft is eligible to be selected
  • Any International player who has signed with an MLB team.
  • Any player that was previously drafted and is not/no longer on a team roster.
  • Any player that was previously signed by a MLB team but is not on a team roster.
  • Note Players who are NOT eligible:
  • Undrafted HS or College players;
  • Unsigned International players

6. Salary Cap and Contracts


  • The league will have a hard cap, which will be determined during the offseason.
  • The base Cap number is set before the start of each season and will not be modified during the season. The Salary Cap for 2018 is set at $195 Million.
  • Each offseason, the league will research how much the average player salary changed, and will adjust the league’s salary cap accordingly.
  • Teams may go over the salary cap during the offseason. During the off-season there is no punishment for being in violation of the salary cap, as there are no games.
  • Teams must get under the cap by the day the rosters are set for the first week of games, usually the day before game #1 is played.
  • If for whatever reason a team is over the cap during the season, Fantrax will show the team in violation and no points will be gained by that team during the week of competition.
  • If a team accepts a trade that would put the team over the salary cap, the trade will automatically be voided by Fantrax until the team takes the necessary action to get under the salary cap prior to the trade offer being made.
  • Fantrax will assign a salary of $500,000 (minimum salary) to all free agents with unknown salary.
  • Players in the Minor Leagues appear to have a standard $500,000 salary, but it is Not counted against the cap.


  • All initial contracts are three years post inaugural draft.  Contracts are new for Fantrax and will be handled as the league moves forward.
  • A salary cap penalty will be instituted if a player is dropped prior to the end of the contract.

7. Trading

Teams may trade the following assets:
Players on his team, major or minors
Rookie draft picks for following three seasons.
Dues for the years picks traded must be paid in order to complete the trade.  This will be handled by Fantrax Treasurer if possible; PayPal if not.
Fantrax will not allow conditional picks so none will be allowed.

Trade Process:

  • All trades will go through a voting process on Fantrax for 2 days plus until the following morning.
  • If 33% of league objects to the trade, the trade will be sent to the Commissioner's Office for review.  Commissioner will allow all teams to give their reasoning for making the trade.  Any and all collusion will be handled with swiftly.
  • The LMs retain the right to Veto any trade that is overtly seen as cheating, colluding, or generally unfair.
  • Trading is allowed all year, except after the trade deadline and throughout the playoffs.
  • The trade deadline for 2018 is Sunday, July 29th @ 11:59 PM EST

8. Miscellaneous

8.a. The All Star break
The All-Star break scoring period is merged with the preceeding week.

8.b. Start of the Season
At this point in time, ALL ACTIVE AND RESERVE PLAYERS on the team who are not on the DL will count towards the salary cap.

8.c Suspended Players
Suspended players will not be allowed to be dropped to the minors or moved to the Disabled List, thus making their salary count against the salary cap. This was voted in by the league.

8.d Unlisted Players
Should a player not be found on the Fantrax player list, contact an LM who can have Fantrax add the player in question to the list.

9. Yearly Schedule

Regular Season:
Consists of 22 scoring periods
Before the first regular season game, teams must be under the established salary cap.

Week 23: Playoffs Start
12 Teams make the championship playoffs (6 Division Winners and 6 Wild Card teams)
Bottom 16 make the consolation playoffs (Do the math, 2 teams will not make either bracket)
Consolation bracket will determine the following years draft order.  This helps prevent "tanking".
Playoffs will last 4 weeks
Late September:  Playoffs Completed, Champion Decided

Offseason Starts:
October: Start of OffSeason
Trophies and banners are assigned
Rookie draft orders are published.


This is an ever evolving league with an ever evolving list of rules and regulations.  As we learn what Fantrax is and is not capable of doing, we will make adjustments for the betterment of the league long-term.  Please understand that at all times, every decision made will be for the benefit of the league as a whole moving forward.  The best leagues are those that listen to the concerns of its owners and evolve with the times.  Stay safe and God bless.

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19 hours ago, beecore said:

Hey man I'd love the last team


We just filled up.. but i have a feeling there might be a couple teams that decide to back out when it gets time to pay up or get out.  I am starting to collect dues now.  Should know soon if a spot opens up and you will the first person I contact.  I can hit you up on RotoWorld or you can send me your email.

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21 hours ago, beecore said:

Hey man I'd love the last team


A team just became available sir.  Please send me your info and I will get an invite to you ASAP.  Also, download the GroupMe app and I will get you in the chat.

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