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$90 12 team EPSN 1pt PPR Snake Draft (redraft) Wednesday 09/06 9:00 pm eastern - Need 1

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11 out of 12 are all paid up and ready to roll.  When we get everybody paid up using league safe, we will determine the random draft order. Please read the below info and if you are interested, I will send you an invite and you can take a look at the site.  The league has been in existance for 4 and 5 years.  Only need 1 and prefer somebody who wants to return every year.  If you are interested, email me at joemetiva at aol.  Thanks and have a great night!  


Regular season consists of 13 weeks. 6 teams will make the playoffs. The top 2 seeds will be the two teams with the best record, and they will receive a bye. After that, the top 4 teams remaining will be seeds 3-6. There is one division. Each team will be seeded each round based on the highest rated team playing the lowest team. There will be a toilet bowl tournament for last 6 teams that do not make the playoffs. Playoffs will begin week 14 and end week 16. Tiebreakers for seeding, if teams have the same record, will be most points regular season, than H2H Record, than points against, than division record. 

Important Note: Tiebreakers during regular season are to be broken by most bench points. The system is set up that way. We will use the same tiebreaker for the playoffs, but the system will award the win to the higher seeded team. I will have to go in and change the result if it is recorded incorrectly. The system may record seedings differently as well due to the way the system will read it. We will use the above guidelines and the teams will be changed based on what I have stated above. 

Team with the best regular season record: $150 
Superbowl Champ: $450 
Superbowl Runner-up: $225 
Third place Consolation Game: $100 
High Scorer Weeks 1-13: $10 $130 total (If tie, it will be split) 
Toilet Bowl Champ: $25 

Total Purse: $90 X 12 teams = $1080 

Free Agent Pickups: Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. and Saturday at 10:00 pm. a free agent bidding process will take place. Each Team has a budget of $100 to spend for the whole year. You can bid $0-$100. This will be the only times you can pick players up each week.

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