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$50, 12-Team ESPN Auction Dynasty; Salary Cap; 9-Cat, H2H each category

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I'm putting together a 12-team auction dynasty league, and wanted to extend the first invites to anyone here who's interested. I'm doing it on ESPN this first year because it's free and has the best combination of interface and league options of all the platforms that don't cost money. In the future, I'd like to expand to 24 teams in two conferences with their own player pools, and put the league on a site that will track salary in-season (probably Fantrax), but want to get a good core group before taking on that many people.


League page:




Full league rules: 


The quick and dirty...


-- 12 teams, $50 each through LeagueSafe.


-- Rosters: (2) G // (2) F // (1) PF/C // (5) UTIL // (3) Bench // (2) IR


-- Head-to-Head Each Category scoring.


-- 9 scoring categories: FG% // FT% // 3PM // REB // AST // STL // BLK // TO // PTS


-- Payouts: Champ: $400 // Runner-up: $100 // Division winners (2): $50 each


-- We use a Salary Cap that equals the NBA Luxury Tax Line every year, always rounding up. This year, that's $120 million. Because ESPN can't go that high, every $1 in ESPN budget equals $1 million in Salary Cap.


-- Every year begins with an auction draft. In the inaugural draft, everyone has $120 in their budget (the ESPN draft client does scale their suggested draft prices to what we use).


-- Players are signed to each team using the winning bid price. Teams may not go above the Salary Cap.


-- After the draft, teams with any money left have this amount put into their Free Agent Auction Budget.


-- Players can be dropped at any time for no cost, except those on the ESPN Undroppable List. Dropped players have their salary removed from their team's roster, and this money is put back into the team's Free Agent Auction Budget.


-- Starting on Jan. 15 of each year, teams may pay an additional $50 to buy an extra 20 percent of Salary Cap space, always rounding up. This is called paying the Luxury Tax. The additional salary cap can be used for trades, free agents, or any other purpose. Teams may not go above the Luxury Tax cap for any reason. Luxury Tax payments are put into the championship purse and can never be refunded. 


-- Prior to each season's draft, teams may keep any player at a cost of +$5 to their previous season's contract price. Teams can keep as many players as they want, provided they do not go over the Salary Cap. The Salary Cap goes up every season along with the real NBA.


-- There is maximum of 40 games played per 7 days. The games played limit goes up and down proportionally to the number of days in a matchup. Games Played limits are hard limits. Any team that goes over will lose a category they won for every player over the max (starting with PTS, AST and REB, which are the first matchup tiebreaker). This penalty also applies in the playoffs.


-- The regular season is Weekly matchups through Week 17. Teams play everyone in their division twice.


-- The playoffs are two-week matchups in three rounds, from Week 18 to 23 (ending April 1). The top 6 teams regardless of division make the playoffs. The top 1 and 2 seeds earn a bye, but play an exhibition game in the first round. The winner of the 1v2 exhibition game gets $10 in additional Salary Cap to use throughout the rest of the playoffs.


-- Although the divisions do not factor into the playoff seeding, the winner of each wins $50 in prize money. Divisions are redrawn randomly before each season.


-- The 6 non-playoff teams play a reverse-seeded tournament, called the s---y s---y Bang Bang Tournament. The winner of the SSBB gets 2 free RFA extensions (meaning they may keep 2 players next year at their current salary). The SSBB runner-up gets 1 free RFA extension.


I think that covers all the broad points. Email twelvemangame (at) gmail (dot) com, or reply here if you're interested. Thanks!

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