D Murray or McCaffrey or Gillislee WHIR

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I would lean towards Gilleslee in a non-ppr league (I would prefer one of the other 2 if PPR).


Let me know your thoughts on mine.



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Gonna go with either Demarco or Gillislee here. Pretty much a wash. Gut feeling says Demarco because there's more upside, but Gillislee feels safer due to his red zone usage in a high-octane offense. Depends on how you want to play it

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I'd start mcCaffrey. I get it's not ppr, but the Pats D is pretty bad and he is going to get yards, he had 100 yards receiving last week.  With the amount of touches he gets he's due for a TD as well, and Carolina is likely to be throwing if they get down early.  


Gillislee is so TD dependent it's always a risky start, especially against a good defense like Carolina.  


Demarco has been pretty bad this year but his 75 yard TD run last week skews his season numbers to make it look like he's been pretty good.  Take that run out and he's barely over 3 yards a rush for the year.  Playing the Texans isn't a start I'd be comfortable with.  I'd go Mccaffrey. 

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