Dynasty League - keep help! WHIR

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Yahoo H2H. Keep 20. Money league. Missed the finals by a hair.


Here are the cats:



Here are my keepers for sure:



I got 4 slots open. Here are my options:


Paul DeJong

Teoscar Hernández


And I also have these prospects:



My thoughts:

  • Polanco should be a keeper, but did he have a mediocre year. I'll probably still keep him (1/4)
  • Olson: I'm strongly leaning towards keeping him (2/4)
  • Dahl? Where to start. What a disappointment. Still, will probably keep him (3/4). So one more out of:
  • Paul DeJong? Great season and number. Most likely my final keeper?
  • Rodon? He seems to be always injured and he'll miss the first half of 2018. Probably a pass
  • Teoscar Hernández? Seems to be an average major leaguer. Anything special?
  • Then there's Adames/Rodgers/Senzel. All top 15 prospects. But they're still prospect.


Who would be your final 4? Thanks and WHIR.

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I appreciate the feedback in my thread, and will attempt to help, but honestly I don't see that many great options to fill out the final four spots.  I would probably keep DeJong because he's a SS, but neither of the 3 prospects really have stood out this season.  Maybe Sensel since he's performed far and away the best out of the 3.  Rodgers is obviously highly regarded, but he's been mediocre at best in AA.  Obviously Adames is another highly touted prospect, but has been nearly decent this season in my opinion.


You already have Lindor, so it's not like you desperately need to keep one of those two prospects.  Like I said earlier though, I really can't come up with 4 that I would want.  If you held a gun to my head, I suppose it would be DeJong, Olson, Sensel, and either Dahl or Polanco I guess.  I can't stand Polanco on the field, but I guess it's also possible that Dahl won't be guaranteed a spot in the OF if they go out and get another one like Martinez.  If you can wait until before the draft to make your final decisions, I would wait and see if Dahl is going to be one of the starting OFs next season.  If so, I'd keep him over Polanco.

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