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Who you rather have? Now or ROS WHIR

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first team in signature 10 team full ppr yahoo league


pick three:


Currently rostered: Smallwood, Gallman, Foreman


free agent RB: Collins, McKinnon, Ellington    bonus WR: Funchess or John Brown   bonus TE: H Henry, ASJ



second team in signature 10 team 1/2 ppr yahoo league


TE: Clay or ASJ


RB: Lacy or McKissic



third team in signature 12 team 1/2 ppr espn league



currently rostered: Gallman, A Morris, Snead


free agent RB: Jamal Williams, McKinnon, McGuire    bonus WR: John Brown







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First drop foreman for collins, gotta stash collins in case he stops fumbling, funchess id try and add if possible as well and i like ASJ alot this week esp in ppr


Second, clay and lacy easy decision


Third, drop morris for mcguire in case he turns into something, looked solid last week, jamal williams is interesting too so def one of those 2 in place of morris, easy drop



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1) Smallwood, Ellington, Collins, ASJ

2) Clay, Lacy

3) Keep what you have


Thanks for mine

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