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Mike Conley 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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It's turning into one of the sadder situations in fantasy, no one expected him to be an injury concern of this magnitude coming in.. Most were expecting the biggest breakout year to date. It's disheartening not having my 2nd overall pick. 

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More detailed than the twitter post:



Conley spoke with media Friday night before the Grizzlies hosted the Washington Wizards in FedExForum. He’s missed 26 games while rehabbing the injury.

“There’s still no timeline. We’re just going through the process,” Conley said. “The process is slow unfortunately. I’m making progress, though. I’m doing a lot more on the court. The last few weeks I’ve been able to get into different non-contact drills. I’ve increased my load to see how much the Achilles can take.”

Conley appears to have progressed well, judging by his pregame and post-practice workouts. Conley routinely goes through a normal shooting routine, sprinting to spots on the floor and pulling up for mid-range and three-point shots.


His conditioning is paramount after having last played Nov. 13. Conley was shut down to participate in therapy and treatment to alleviate soreness in his Achilles.


Conley insisted that there is no structural damage to the Achilles. The situation now has more to do with pain tolerance in the heel.

“It’s tough, the situation we’re in,” Conley said. “Time is the only thing that can heal this kind of (injury).”


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Not really helpful from a fantasy perspective. Sounds like it's still sore but he also says there is nothing actually medically wrong with it.


In other words he (and us) are left waiting until it stops hurting, which could be next week or may not be until next season. Horrible situation.

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1 hour ago, ythao455 said:

Any updates? This guy is stretching my patience.  




But realistically what can you get from Conley this season. The guy has been injury prone all season and has been out for a few months. Grizzlies are dead last in the Western Conference and will tank, not a matter of if but when. So Conley's ROS outlook isn't that bright considering if he does comeback, he will also be on minutes restrictions.


Edit - I dropped him a few weeks ago because I kept passing on good solid FAs. Best decision I made and I should of done it earlier.

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1 hour ago, azeri98 said:

I don't know why this is a suprise, he misses significant time every year

seriously? there was no warning of an injury coming into the season and he's been out almost half the season already... definitely a surprise

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There are dozens of players who have missed more games than Conley over the last few years that have played the majority of games this season, it's just bad luck.


Perennially injured guys like AD and Beal have only missed a handful of games each. Good luck drafting a decent team full of players who played 80+ games the last few seasons.

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The sound of silence... is this dude going to get shut down or get traded. What is going on over there? I've got him and Effin Fultz on my roster and there's nothing about either. Luckily have an IL spot but worried Conley may get shut down... don't know who to keep damzzit!

P.S. I know, go to the AC

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