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Zeke & Shepard for Evans & Hyde? WHIR

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League Info: 12 team, PPR, 2 player (in perpetuity, no cost) keeper.


Potential deadline day deal... 


My team is 6-4, in a playoff spot and incredibly likely to remain as such. My goal is to continue to push for a championship as I think I have an actual shot to do so. Right now my keepers are: Antonio Brown and Zeke Elliot. 


I was offered Mike Evans and Carlos Hyde for Zeke Elliot and Sterling Shepard. Would you do this trade? I view Evans as a slight downgrade as a keeper but he would certainly help this year. Also though its tough to gauge value with only a few games and the playoffs yet as I am not looking so much as their actual value, more so how much can they help me in a few games. Is Mike Evans really a season/playoff changer with Fitzpatrick at QB? Is he really a big upgrade for me etc? I also would like more RB depth and a starter but is Hyde that much better then Coleman/Mixon? Thanks. My relevant team is posted below.


QB- Carr

RB- Coleman/Mixon (Start 2)

WR- Brown/Thielen (Start 2)

TE- Engram

Flex- Shepard (1 Flex)

Bench: Alf Morris, Zeke, Paul Richardson, Big Ben, Corey Coleman.

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Tough one. Probably would hold tight only because you can have keepers forever. You are looking at the top couple RB and WR duo possible for many years to come. You would be sacrificing that to win this year. Yes, the trade would put you in a better position to win this year, but is it worth it? That's the decision.

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