DRAFT ASAP! Not your daddy’s boring H2h Category dynasty!

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How competitive are you? How good is your all around cat game?


I just created the category dynasty league that will separate the men from the boys! It is a 12 team 16 category H2h dynasty where counting stats is essential and to aid that it is a 20 man roster with 8 man benches (not including 3 IR) for winning those tough categories.  I am undecided on number of keeps so we will decide as a majority vote. (Dynasty so I’m thinking 5-10; depending on how competitive or dominant we want league to be). My philosophy with big rosters and big benches you will need to sub in and out players for those category killers and hard to win categories. This will make it ultra competitive!


Here is the link for the settings to check out cats and benches or anything else.


If you are competitive, good at category leagues and interested please leave your email and I will send an invite ASAP. I’m hoping to be open and drafting tonight! Good luck to all who join and may the truly best win!

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Sounds good Henry. Sending invite now! If you know of anyone else bring them along. Once you join there is a keeper vote (how many) and a chatroll message for everyone

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League is full. Sorry. Drafting tonight at 10pm ET. If you want to take a slot if by chance someone can’t attend and doesn’t want auto-drafted team I have 1 alternate and no one else. You would take over and previous owner would be replaced if that should happen. Let me know if your interested! Thanks!

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