Luis Castillo 2018 Outlook

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1 hour ago, dkrocka said:

Take a look at his numbers over the past month

5 starts

3 Wins

28 IP

38 K's

4 BB's



He has the best changeup in baseball. That's definitely something you can build on even if you're fastball has only just recently gotten back up to 97.

Yeah, he has been pretty good of late obviously.  Hopefully he keeps rolling the rest of the way.  Some consistency next season would be nice too.  He was really hyped and was a big bust until recently.


I haven't watched him much outside of his last two starts (didn't own him up until then), but I can't argue much on the changeup.  It's at the very least one of the best, as it can have a ton of movement.

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He really has pitched well of late, but @ Wrigley scares me this weekend 

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10 hours ago, flowbee said:

Looks like he finally found his way. Maybe I can get him at a discount next year. 

Shouldn't be much of a problem there unless he goes crazy in spring training.  He's been a great late season acquisition, but his stats right now don't scream "draft me!".

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