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I have a 14 team league that has been operating since 2001. The league is very stable and 

competitive. In the past league openings which are rare have been filled through friends and family of current owners.

I now need a couple of teams. The draft is a slow on-line draft and takes a few days to complete. It will start on around March 16th for 2017 With 14

teams and 23 man rosters, it is extremely important owners are committed and vigilant to draft when their turn comes up.

League fees are $200 and is due before the draft. Prize money is paid out to the top 6 teams in the standings with

the 6th place team getting their $200 back. All money collected gets paid out in prize money after the cbs internet

league fees are paid.

The League stats used (which are occasionally tweaked and voted on by league members) are as following:

Hitting:  Average, Hr's, RBI's, Runs, Strikeouts, Stolen bases -Caught Stolen and OPS (on base percentage + slugging %)

Pitching:  ERA, Strikeouts, Wins, WHIP, Saves - Blown Saves and Quality Starts……….13 Total categories

I am only interested in finding owners that are committed and active regardless of where they are in the standings.

if you are interested in being in an excellent league year after year, send me (Phil Smith) an email to or call me at (440)376-3952


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