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Flex and TE help! WHIR

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12 team, 1's my lineup look and who should I play at Flex/TE?  Thanks!


QB - Wilson

RB - McCoy

RB - Freeman

WR - Hopkins

WR - DThomas

Flex - JWilliams vs Carolina(gotta keep riding him, right?), Sanu (sweet matchup vs TB), or Diggs vs Cin

TE - Olsen vs GB, Ebron vs Chi, or Clay vs Mia

K - Butker

D - Denver

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Def. Williams for flex. He's hot and Rodgers return should open up some running lanes.


For TE, they're all pretty risky plays, but I actually might take my chances with Olsen. He seems to be over his injury and hopefully last week's dud was more of an anomaly than what to expect for next week or two. Would go Ebron if you don't feel comfortable with Olsen, though he'e just as risky, imho. 



Thanks for the help w/ mine. 

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Williams he's been awesome these past few weeks. He will keep that up! Plus Rodgers is back and GB is gonna pull out all the tricks to get into the playoffs.


If Olsen plays? You gotta go with him, but if you're not sure then play Ebron. 

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