$35 NFL Playoff League , Leaguesafe , 50+ Teams

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$35 Entry via leaguesafe


I'm running the league on

So some of you may need to create an account


We have 28 teams interested so far, I'm sure we can easily get this over 50 teams.


Roster is only 7 players

1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex


Entry deadline is the 1st wildcard playoff game


We accumulate points each week (PPR Scoring) and its all added up to see who has the most after the superbowl.


Set your lineup each week of any players you like.

Kind of like DFS, where you set your lineup each week and accumulate points (but there is no salary cap)

You can pick Blake Bortles as your QB every week if you like :)


Payouts TBA (based on number of entrants)


Each player locks when their game starts.


There will not be any tiebreakers, you will just split the prize you are tied for.


Like the 3 different 96 team super leagues I have ran, I will comp the commishes entry fee.


email me to join,

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