Need 1 owner for established 16 team keeper league

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I run a 16 team keeper league, head to head on ESPN, 6 NHL Keepers  and 4 round rookie draft

This league is a $20 money league but since the previous owner has already paid, you would be playing for free this season. Please, only join if you are serious about playing next season as well.


The league is in it's 7th season and I need one replacement owner for the Vancouver Canucks franchise


The roster is actually very very good, keepers for that team include A.Ovechkin, V.Tarasenko, S.Crosby, L.Couture, B.Schenn and the team is stacked at the goalie position with J.Gibson, C.Schneider, and A.Vasilevskiy

The 4 rookies are:

1- G Andrey Vasilevskiy (Lightning) [1 year]
2- F Jakub Vrana (Capitals) [2 years]
3- D Shea Theodore (Ducks) [1 year]
4- F Gabriel Vilardi (Kings) [2 years]


I am a very dedicated league manager, check out my league page and and let me know if your interested


The league features:


1) money league, $20 fee per owner.

$160 League Winner
$40 Runner Up
$20 Best overall team during the regular season
$20 Each Division Winner (4 X $20)


2) 16 team Power Rankings updated every week


3) 13 trophies handed out every year

a) Stanley Cup Champs 5pts
B) Eastern Conference Champs (Prince of Wales Trophy) 4pts
c) Western Conference Champs (Clarence S. Campbell Bowl) 4pts
d) Forward MVP (Hart Ross Trophy) 3pts [Given to forward with the highest player rater]
e) Defense MVP (James Norris Trophy) 3pts [Given to defense with the highest player rater]
f) Goalie MVP (Vezina Trophy) 3pts [Given to goalie with the highest player rater]
g) Manager of the year (President's Trophy) 3pts [Given to the team with the best record during the regular season]
h) Rookie of the Year (Calder Memorial Trophy) 2pts [Given to the rookie with the highest player rater]
i) Metropolitan Division Champs 2pts
j) Atlantic Division Champs 2pts
k) Central Division Champs 2pts
l) Pacific Division Champs 2pts
m) Stanley Cup Playoffs MVP (Conn Smythe Trophy) 1pt [Given to the best player from the winning team during the Stanley Cup Finals]


4) All 16 owners are on a Group me chat, very convenient to relay league messages, trade talk or just bs about hockey


5) 8 teams make the playoffs, the other 8 teams compete for the #1 overall draft pick next season, so even if you don't make the playoffs, your team is still alive and needs to be competitive to get a high draft pick the following season.



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