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Bogdanovic/Lyles? WHIR

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Hey guys!


Both Trey Lyles and Bogdan Bogdanovic have been dropped in past 2 days in my league. I’m a big fan of both and would most likely want to pick up both, as well. Who would you consider droppung to pick them up? I definitely would say Ish Smith as one, while other I’m not sure! 


My team is the following incase you cant see it. 


12-Team H2H 

PG - Lillard, Smith Jr, Ish Smith, Fox

SG - Oladipo, Mitchell, Murray, J-Rich

SF - Batum, Prince, Fournier

PF - Green, Covington

C - Drummond, Horford

IR - Millsap


Lastly, I really have appreciated this forum a lot this year. A lot of my players are guys this forum has been high on as potential breakouts, or second half ones. Thank you!


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Go for Bogdanovic is very consistent as has an ever increasing role.

Lyles will have a expiration date that is coming up soon.

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Appreciate it guys!


You guys are high on De'Aaron Fox for example? I do think Trey Lyles has expiration, but it makes a bit of sense for me as Paul Millsap owner, who I really hope returns soon. 


Essentially.. Bogdanovic > Lyles > Ish? 

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ROS I'd say Bogdanovic > Ish > Lyles.

Ish is a tough drop as he has two upcoming games against Cavs but it wouldn't be a bad move.

Could make an argument to add Lyles as it makes an easy drop later on but just don't think you will get enough value out of him to justify passing on others.

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