2018 Rookie WR Class

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15 hours ago, daethfromabove1979 said:

Any thoughts on Dante Pettis? He is going into a great situation where there isn’t a lot of competition for targets and he has a great QB in Jimmy G. He’s behind Pierre Garcon and Marquese Goodwin who are both good but not great. The 49ers traded up to get him at 44th overall so you’d expect him to get lots of snaps. When he was playing with John Ross in 2016, he had 15 TDs because he wasn’t getting all the attention. I think he could be a sneaky pick late. 

I did look at Pettis in my research for my dynasty league draft and wrote down the following notes on him:I was surprised not to see Pettis do more damage after the catch. According to Pro Football Focus, he averaged just 3.6 yards after the catch over the past 3 seasons. He shows some make-you-miss ability but isn’t a tackle-breaker.
- He’s a crisp route runner, using sharp cuts and acceleration out of his breaks to create good separation. His ability to maintain speed while cutting is special and likely contributes a lot to his KR/PR success.
- Not a true burner but he has the deep speed and ball-tracking ability to hit the big play and he was highly successful doing so in college.
- Doesn't play very physical at all and may struggle against good press coverage, also not the greatest in contested catch situations and that likely means he's never going to be the go-to guy.
- His lack of physicality also shows up when the ball is in his hands and he's looking to pick up some yards after the catch. He shows you some make-you-miss ability but he isn't a tackle breaker. Pro Football Focus confirms that as he averaged just 3.6 yards after the catch over the past 3 seasons. 
- Note that he successfully ran a few trick plays where he ran a screen behind the line of scrimmage where he catches the ball and became an eligible thrower and successfully threw 2 TD passes plus another long pass.

At the NFL level, I think he's likely a situational deep threat WR that you build plays around but doesn't have the skillset to thrive as a massive contributor. The lack of physicality will hold him back unless he can get stronger which may impact his speed.  Maybe he's a Tyler Lockett type player.

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1 minute ago, NYR Fan 116894 said:


Average targets: 117


Rickrode is one of my favorite go-to sources for meaningful FFL data.

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2 minutes ago, dafreaks said:

Bump... Who is draftable in a redraft...Im liking Miller and Tre'Quan, maybe Sutton and Kirk...


Moore, Ridley, Gallup, Washington.  All pretty much late round flyers

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