CBS. $100 Brand New 1st Season Auction Keeper League.

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12-14 Teams

Standard 5×5 Roto 
(Avg. Rbi's, Hr, SB, Runs, W, S, K's, ERA, WHIP)

Each Team Will Begin With $260. 

2 - Catchers 
1 - 1st Baseman
1 - 2nd Baseman
1 - 3rd Baseman
1 - Shortstop 
1- Middle Infielder
1 - Corner Infielder
1 - Utility
5 - Outfielderes
5 - SP's
3 - RP's
2 - Pitchers
5 - Bench

Minor League Draft. Will be conducted thru message boards. Will be a slow draft. And will consist of 10 rounds

Criteria. Must have no more then 130 AB's or 50 IP'd in the majors.

Weekly Lineups

Will be using League Safe for payment

If Interested please post a reply and I will send a league invite. 

Looking to draft on a Monday or Tuesday evening

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Once you join. Don't be alarmed with the settings etc. I haven't finalized them yet. Waiting for league to fill. Then I will be purchasing the premium league so that I will have more control on the overall league settings

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34 minutes ago, atombomb3776 said:

Please give me some details about your fantasy baseball experience. 

One season on a 12 team roto non keeper, and one on a 12 team keeper h2h. Would like to be part of a keeper starting from scratch. 

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I'm interested. But how can you do a slow draft with an auction? Must be considering both formats.


I've played fantasy baseball for fifteen years. I play in one other auction keeper league that has operated ten seasons and has ten of the original twelve managers. 

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