$10 March Madness Squares

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I'm running a $10 per square block poll for March Madness that will pay out every game except for the play in games. For anyone familiar with the 100 square block polls many people do for the Super Bowl you already know how this set up works. For those of you who aren't familiar with block polls please allow me to explain. Each square you buy will be assigned two random  numbers. One number for the lower ranking seed as well as one number for the higher ranking seed. Those numbers represent the second digit of each teams final score. So, for example, if your numbers are 2 & 7 and the final score happens to be 62-57 or any combination that involves the second digit ending in 2 or 7  you win the money value designated for that game. The payouts for each round are as follows:

Round of 64$5 per game (32 games)

Round of 32$10 per game (16 games)

Sweet 16$20 per game (8 games)

Elite 8$40 per game (4 games)

Final 4$80 per game ( 2 games)

National Championship$160

Money will be collected thru leaguesafe or PayPal. Anyone interested in buying any blocks for the NCAA tournament please respond with your email address.

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Anyone who is interested it's not too late to join. Just reply to this thread with your email address.

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