2018 Tourney Point Spread Game ($26.56 via Leaguesafe)

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Brackets too time consuming to fill out? Try Head-to-Head format.

  • Each entry is assigned 4 NCAA team from the first round (a maximum of 16 entries are allowed).
  • Each entry will go head to head with the opponent their team is playing.
  • Game outcomes are based on the point spread, so even if you get a 16 seed in the first round you still have a chance to win.
  • If your team wins or covers the spread, you will advance to the next round with the winning team and your opponent will be eliminated.
  • Each Entry will get 1 team from each Regional (for a total of 4 teams per entry)
  • Pays out to Final four entries ($25 to 3-4th place , $100 to runner up , $250 to winner)
  • $1.56 fee per entry
  • League fees paid through league safe
  • League ran through
  • Respond with email for invite and info
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4 hours ago, zgaleota said:

I'm interested.



Here is the info , your email address says can't send.


I recently set up an online Head to Head pool at RunYourPool named '2018 March Madness Point Spread Game'. If you are interested in joining the pool, please follow the link and fill out the form:
Your league's payment link:

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That’s interesting about my email. First anyone has said that. Sorry for the issue. I’ll sign up first thing tomorrow. Thanks 

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