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$25 buy in SNAKE DRAFT- money kept with leaguesafe majority vote payouts


16 Team ESPN H2H each category 

8:30pm ET Wednesday(3/28) opening day eve last chance to draft since next day is opening day folks  let’s fill this up fast.


Division winners 

Overall Top division record: $135

2nd best division winners record: $90

3rd best division winners record: $60

4th best division winners record: $50



1st: $85

2nd: $55

3rd: $25


H2H each category rosters set fist game of week. $100 auction 

free agent budget


C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3OF, 1UT, 4SP, 3RP, 5Bench, 2DL


Batting: AVG, R, SB, HR, RBI, OBP


Pitching: ERA, WHIP, QS, K, W, SV/HD

Minimum 20IP


once we have all 16 accepted I will send leaguesafe link 

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Need 4 owners to put on waiting list. Get your name in since first come first serve as replacement. We have 4 that haven’t accepted, giving them till end of night.


Keep an eye out in the morning for invites to league and accept promptly, once league is completely full leaguesafe invites will be sent out and pay promptly so we can draft



post email below for waiting list at end at end of the night

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