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SPs who should earn saves/holds

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The value in finding a fantasy baseball pitcher who has SP/RP eligibility and collects saves/holds (in addition to other solid numbers) cannot be overstated.  I still recall the first year Papelbon started closing for the Red Sox -- I believe it was 2006 -- and he had SP/RP status.  I'm guessing he won a lot of championships and money for owners that year.


Anyway, I've tried to find that valuable SP/RP every year since then.  Usually there are a few preseason candidates, but I don't see any that should definitely be earning saves or holds in the near future.  If you see strong candidates, please share. 


Note: I recognize that Montgomery and Glasnow are both solid pitchers with SP/RP status, I haven't heard about them potentially earning saves or holds.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

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